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Chapter 10: Hingle de Jibity Dangely Ji

Have you never experienced any moment of love, prayer, beautitude? I have never come across a single human being who is so poor. Have you not ever listened to the silence of the night? Have you not ever been thrilled by it, touched by it, transformed by it? Have you never seen a sun rising on the horizon? Have you never felt a deep interrelationship with the rising sun, have you not felt more life in you, pouring from everywhere? Maybe for a moment.. Have you never held the hand of a human being and something started flowing from you to him and from him to you? Have you never experienced when two human spaces overlap and flow into each other? Have you never seen a roseflower and smelled the fragrance of it, and suddenly you are transported into another world?

These are moments of prayer. Don’t start by “if.” Gather all the moments of your life which were beautiful, they were all moments of prayer. Base your temple of prayer on those moments. Let that be the foundation, not if; the bricks of if are false. Build the foundation with certainties, with absolute certainties - only then, only then is there a possibility of your ever entering into the world of prayer. It is a great world; it has a beginning, but it has no end. It is oceanic.

So please don’t say, “If so.” It is so! And if you have not yet felt it is so, then look into your life and find out some certainties about beauty, about love, about experiences which go beyond the mind. Collect all those.

The ordinary habit of the mind is not to collect them, because they go against the logical mind. So we never take note of them. They happen, they happen to everybody. Let me repeat: Nobody is so poor, they happen to the poorest man. Man is made in such a way, man is in such a way.they are bound to happen. But we don’t take note of them because they are dangerous moments: if they are real, then what will happen to our logical mind? They are very illogical moments.

Now listening to a bird and something starts singing within you - this is very illogical. You cannot find out how it is happening, why it is happening - why it should be so. The mind is at a loss. The only course left for the mind is not to take note of it, forget about it! It is just a whim, maybe some eccentric moment, maybe you have gone temporarily mad. The mind interprets these things like this. “It was nothing, just a mood. You were emotional, you were being sentimental, that’s all; there was no authentic experience in it.”

This is the way to deny. Once you start denying then you don’t have any moments to base your prayer life upon. Hence the question, “If so..”

My first suggestion is: Go into your life, remember all those moments. You must have been a small child collecting seashells on a beach, and the sun was showering on you, and the wind was salty and sharp, and you were in tremendous joy. No king has ever been so joyful; you were almost at the top of the world, you were an emperor. Remember.that is the right brick to base upon.

You were a small child running after a butterfly - that was the moment of prayer. For the first time you fell in love with a woman or a man, and your heart was churned and stirred, and you started dreaming in a new way.. That was the moment of prayer, your first love, your first friendship.

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