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Chapter 10: Begin with Simple Things

I talk to you so your mind becomes engaged in my thoughts. While you are engaged in my thoughts, at least you will be able to avoid your thoughts. You will be closer to me - closer than you can be while you are thinking your thoughts. At least my thoughts are mine: they come from a deep emptiness, they carry the flavor, they have a subtle vibe in them. While engaged with me in a verbal communication, listening to me attentively, your mind becomes engaged, and your mind cannot go to the past and cannot go to the future. It has to be here, it has to be attentive, it has something to do here. While the mind is engaged in my words, I can communicate on a different level too; your being is close to me. And just being close is enough.

That’s the meaning of satsang: just to be close to someone who has disappeared, just to be close to someone who is no more, just to be close to someone who is just a tremendous nothingness.

Coming closer to this nothingness, you will also start disappearing and melting. It is natural. There will be a few moments when you will suddenly disappear. Those are the moments when you have tasted something of me. When you disappear, when you are completely lost, when the mind has simply stopped functioning - you are just a pure attention - then you and I are not two. Then there is no I-thou relationship. Then only one exists in which the I and the thou both have dissolved. Then we overlap each other: then your center is my center and my center is your center.

The more these moments come to you, the more you will produce the highest possibility.your destiny.

So Maneesha, go on meditating on me as much as you can.

And I know her - she has been doing it; she has been very attentive, very aware. And with a great care and love, she has been absorbing me.

You ask, “Do Buddhas mind being gazed on for more than three seconds at a time?” They cannot mind because they don’t have any mind. In fact, if you don’t gaze at them, they feel sorry for you. If you look here and there and don’t look directly to them, they feel sorry for you. You are thirsty and pure water is available, but you go on looking sideways. You don’t look straight, you don’t look direct, you don’t look immediate. You will miss. Look at me.not only looking - because eyes can absorb the subtlest vibe. It is a way of eating.

Eat me, be cannibals. And remember, what I am saying is not important at all. What I am being here is important. So don’t be lost in my words: they are just toys to play with. Listen to my being, to my presence.

The second question:

Why must everybody who wants to do meditation or hear the lecture pay for this?

Why not?

The rabbi climaxed his sermon with, “Life is like a glass of tea.”

Later, one of the congregation asked, “Rabbi, why is life like a glass of tea?”

“Why not?” answered the rabbi.

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