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Chapter 2: Zen Is like Wild Flowers



Relax. Just witness the body - you are not it. Witness the mind - you are not it. You are only the witnessing consciousness.

Thousands of lotuses have blossomed. The evening was beautiful enough on its own, but you have poured your witnessing, your consciousness and made it a majesty, a miracle.

Such blissfulness.

Such benediction.

Such ecstasy.

Collect as many flowers and as many juices from your center, because you have to bring them to the circumference. You have to remember in your day-to-day life, whatever you are doing, you are the buddha. That small remembrance will become ultimately a transformation of being.



Come back. But come back as a buddha, silent, graceful, at ease.

Just for a few moments sit, remembering where you have been, to what miracle you have reached. And the golden path that you have been traveling every day back and forth will become shorter and shorter.because your buddha has to come from the hidden to your ordinary life.

Meditation is the only way to know yourself and to know the very meaning of life. It cannot be said, but it can be transferred.

When you are in deep meditation here, utterly receptive, it is so easy to enter into your hearts. It is so easy to become a song, so easy to become a subtle music.

You will feel it for a few moments later on also, like a drunkard. You have been drinking from the divine.