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Chapter 10: Silence Is the Answer

In Japan they have small houses in the monasteries - teahouses. When they go to a tea-house, they go as if somebody is going to church or to the temple. They take a bath; they wear new fresh clothes; they leave their shoes outside; they move in silence, in grace; they sit.. And it is a long ritual. It is not just that you go and take a cup of tea and drink and you are gone, not in such a hurry. Gods have to be treated well, and tea is a god - god of awareness. So they will sit silently, and the kettle will go on singing its song, and first they will listen to it.now they are preparing. They will meditate on the singing kettle.

Then the cups and saucers will be given to them. They will touch the cups and saucers, look at them because they are pieces of art. And nobody likes to use cups and saucers purchased from the market. Every monastery makes its own. Rich people make their own. Poor people, if they cannot afford to make their own, purchase them from the market, they break them, reglue them; they become perfectly unique then..

Then the tea is poured. And everybody is in a deep, receptive, meditative mood, breathing slow and deep. And then the tea is drunk, as if something divine is descending in you.

Now Mahatma Gandhi cannot think of this. In his ashram tea was not allowed; tea was on the blacklist. It depends on your attitude.

What I would like to tell you is that it is up to you how many problems you want to create. Drop as many as possible. The fewer problems you have, the better, because then, if you cannot drop those few, if they are not really because of your attitude but are intrinsic to life; then they can be solved.

I have heard:

One man went to his psychiatrist. The poor man had big bags under his eyes. He looked very tired. “I dream every single night, doctor,” he told his physician. “Last night it was terrible! I was in a big plane, I had my parachute on, we were climbing up to forty thousand feet from where I was going to jump to establish a new altitude record. We got to forty thousand feet - I opened the door - I took one step forward - I pulled the rip cord - what do you think happened?”

The doctor said, “I have no idea.”

The man said, “My pajamas fell down!”

Now is this a problem? When you are forty thousand feet above the earth, is this a problem? The whole life is at stake? And that too in a dream!

And one is feeling tired.. I have heard:

On a park bench two beggars were sitting and talking. I was just passing by. One beggar said, “I dreamt that I got a good job.”

The other said, “Yes, you look tired.”

Drop nonsense. Sex is not a problem. Sex is your life energy. Accept it. If you accept, it can be transformed. If you reject, you will be in a mess. If you fight with it, with whom are you fighting? Just think: with yourself - half-half, divided. And you are fighting with yourself; of course you will be more and more crippled. Never fight with yourself.

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