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Chapter 20: Become a Friend to Yourself

Participation is bliss because the whole universe is celebrating. Every moment it is celebrating. It is a great celebration, a constant celebration. Only we are not part of it. We have detached ourselves and are in misery. Man is in misery because of the mind. The flowers are participating in the celebration, the moon is participating, the stars are participating, the earth is participating, the oceans are participating, the air and the clouds - everything is participating in that continuous, eternal celebration. Only man has become an outsider - and because of his own efforts. On his own, he has separated himself from existence.

Meditation is a reunion. It is going back to the mother, it is coming back home. But then whatsoever dust you have gathered on the way, you have to throw away.

So don’t be afraid of catharsis. I see that you are afraid. If you are afraid, nothing will happen. These eight days are for catharsis, so that you can become new. Here, the old can die and you can leave with a new face, with a new mind, with a new being. But you will have to surrender so that you can participate in the great celebration that is the universe.

For science, the universe is a mechanical thing. For religion, it is a celebration. For science, it is accidental. For religion, it is intentional. For science, it is just a long process of cause and effect - meaningless. For religion, it is not. For religion it is not a chaos, it is a cosmos - and not a mechanical thing but a conscious intention. Not meaningless, but intrinsically meaningful. That meaning is hidden in the celebration.

We have conceived of God as a dancing god. The whole universe is a dance! Unless you can dance, you cannot become a part of it. Meet this dancing universe with a dancing approach. Go to this celebration in a celebrating mood.

But how can you create a celebrating mood? How can you yourself become a celebration when there is aggression, violence, hatred and thousands and thousands of diseases accumulated inside? You are defending them, you are safeguarding them. You are your own enemy.

Become a friend to yourself. Allow the whole nonsense that is repressed and unconscious within you to be acted out. Be courageous enough to express your diseases. The moment they are expressed, the moment your unconscious diseases become conscious, they disappear. This is the only way.

What is psychoanalysis doing? All the psychoanalysts - Freud, Jung, Adler and others - what are they doing? They are doing the same thing by means of a very lengthy process: making your unconscious conscious. By talking with a patient for years, the psychoanalyst makes him aware of his unconscious. But this is too long a process, too expensive, and not worthwhile. The results are not very meaningful, and not very hopeful. But the base is right: if unconscious repressions are allowed to become open, if they’re exposed to the conscious, they disappear, they evaporate. You are freed from them, unburdened. You become weightless.

This is what we are doing, but it is a very intense method. It is not going to be like years and years of just sitting on the couch of a psychoanalyst and talking, talking, talking: talking about your dreams and about your unconscious, bringing everything out of you in bits. This method will immediately expose your unconscious.

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