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Chapter 1: To Walk with One’s Own Light

That’s why whenever humanity is in deep turmoil people become travelers. They go from one country to another. They are always on the go, they are always going somewhere. They are not reaching anywhere, but they are always going somewhere. In fact they are not going anywhere, they are only escaping the place where they are. If they are in America they are going to India, if they are in India they are going to Japan, if they are in Japan they are going to Nepal. They are not going anywhere, they are simply trying to escape from the place where they are. And everywhere they remain the same - nothing happens - because geography has nothing to do with it.

Those vagabonds, in a way, are truer, honest. They decide in an angry mood. They curse, they swear, and they say, “Now enough! Tomorrow morning we are not going to be here, waiting for Godot. We will leave!”

Tomorrow again, the sun rises and they are in the same place and waiting, and again asking when he is coming. And they have completely forgotten that last night they had decided to leave.but where to go?

Nowhere to go - this is a second basic truth about humanity. First - nothing ever happens; things appear to happen, but you remain the same.

Look into your being - has anything ever happened there? You were a child and you dreamed a lot, and then you became young and you still dreamed a lot, then you became old and you are still dreaming. You dreamed about the riches of this world, now maybe you are dreaming about the riches of another world, but has anything ever happened to you? And don’t be scared, because if you are scared you start asking secondary questions.

Religion is to ask the fundamental question, the very basic question - and to ask it courageously is very significant, because in the very asking you are coming nearer to the center.

The second truth: that you have been going and going and going from one place to another, from one mood to another, from one plane to another, from one level to another level, but you are not reaching anywhere. Have you reached any place? Can you say that you have arrived anywhere.it is always a departure, an arrival never happens? Trains are always leaving, planes are always leaving, people are ready in their waiting rooms - always departure, never arriving anywhere? The whole absurdity of it.but you never ask.

These two basic questions, and then the third automatically bubbles up: Who are you? Because it is not really meaningful to ask who Godot is - that is your creation, your gods are your creations. Forget what the Bible says, that God created man in his own image. It is just the reverse: man created God in his own image - it is Godot, it is your creation, it is your dream. Somehow to feel that you are significant, full, meaningful, you have created a God in the skies. God has not created the world, God has not created man; man has created the whole concept.

A real religion, an authentic religion, does not ask who God is. It asks, “Who are you?”, “Who am I?” I have to fall upon my basic source; there only, and there only, the revelation. Jesus, Buddha or Baal Shem Tov - they ask the fundamental questions.

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