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Chapter 1: Miracles Are Bound to Happen

You can condition the human mind, but the mundane is there. And even the person who preaches continually.. the first shankaracharya, Adi Shankaracharya, who created this theory of illusion and propounded it with great argumentation - he also needs food, he also needs water, he also needs clothes. And I am wondering why none of his followers ever objected, ever asked, “What is the need of these illusory things? And how can an illusory food become nourishment? And if it becomes nourishment, then to call it illusory is nonsense.”

This was one side of the game: the people who wanted to emphasize spirituality had to deny the reality of the world which surrounds you everywhere. And there have been people who have been denying the spiritual, saying, “Man has no soul. He is just a robot created by nature, and when he dies, everything dies. So don’t be bothered about the inner world; there is no inner. All that is real is outside, and all the talk about the inner is unreal, illusory.”

On the surface, you may think these two parties are against each other. But my own understanding is different: they are using the same argument. They belong to the same category, to the same mind: choose one half - which half you choose is not the point, both are against the whole.

My effort is to make you aware that both are real, both are together in deep harmony. And the idea of their opposition destroys your life. Hence I say, the moments when you come to know that the sacred and the mundane are one - the sacred is the inside of the mundane, and the mundane is the outside of the sacred - then you have a total conception of reality.

“.leaving a breathing heart and a pair of ears hanging from nowhere.” When you are absolutely silent and have become only a listening, naturally you will feel as if two ears are hanging from nowhere. This is the right way of listening, and “a breathing heart” deepens the silence; it does not disturb it.

Amrito, you are right when you say, “It feels like being an orgasm.” It is. It is a love affair with the whole. It is a meeting with eternity, and it is an orgasm that can remain with you twenty-four hours - day in, day out.

An enlightened man remains orgasmic in every moment of his life. Orgasm is no longer an incident that happens and disappears; it becomes his natural way of being. His blissfulness is so much, and he is so deeply in tune with existence that orgasm is no longer an incident, it is his very life.

“Oh Osho, are you even turning the dark night of the soul into the light night of the soul?” That is the purpose for which we all have gathered here. This mystery school, or this university of alchemy, has only one purpose - to transform the baser metals into gold; to transform the dead into the living; to transform the dark into the light; to transform you from your mortality into the immortal.

When I was in Sweden, I felt my heart opening up for you, filling me with a deep feeling of love and joy. Now that I am in Pune, my heart seems to be closed again, resisting your love. This fills me with sorrow. What should I do?

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