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Chapter 17: The Occult Mysteries of Religion

You can look at it this way: if we want to find out how many people die in Mumbai, this is possible. If there are ten million people, we can take the number of deaths in one year and find out approximately how many die per day, and this would be almost correct. If we calculate the mortality rate for this whole country of nine hundred million in the same way, the figure would be closer to the exact number. If we calculate the mortality rate for the whole world, the certainty of the figure will be even greater. But if we want to find out when a single person will die our calculations will be most uncertain.

The greater the crowd, the more material things become. The more individual the phenomenon, the more we find consciousness. In fact, a single piece of matter is a crowd of millions of atoms; therefore, we can make predictions about it. But if we penetrate within the atom and catch hold of the electron we find that it is individual. We cannot determine its course and it seems as if it decides that on its own. So about a solid rock we can be certain, we will find it in a particular place. But the structure of the individual atoms within it will not be the same. By the time we return again to the rock, all the atoms within it will have changed their positions and traveled from one place to another.

Uncertainty begins by going deep within matter. This is why science has changed its language from certainty to probability. No longer does it say, “This is how this or that will be.” Rather, it says, “It is more probable this way than that.” It no longer says emphatically, “This is it.” In the past all the claims of science were in the language of certainty: whatever it said was bound to be. But when the search of science went deeper, all its former concepts began to break down. The reason was that science had unknowingly stepped from the physical realm into the etheric, about which it has no understanding. Until it accepts the fact of stepping from the physical to the etheric plane, it cannot have any understanding. It has reached the second dimension of matter, the etheric dimension, and this has its own possibilities. But there is no empty space between the first and the second body.

The third, or the astral body is even more subtle. It is the subtlest of the subtle. If we break the ether into atoms, which still seems improbable, because we have barely unfolded the physical atom, so to experiment with ether will still take a long time. when the ether atoms are known we will find that they are the particles of the body that comes next - namely, the astral body. When we broke the physical atom its most subtle particles were found to be etheric. Similarly, if we break the etheric atom the most subtle particles will be that of the astral body. So we shall find a connection between them. These three bodies are clearly joined to one another and it is for this reason that photographs of ghosts have been taken.

A ghost does not have a physical body. Its veiling starts with the etheric body. It has been possible to photograph ghosts, because when the etheric body condenses a sensitive camera can catch its reflection. Another thing about ether is that it is so subtle, that it is easily influenced by the psyche. If the spirit of a dead person wishes to appear it can condense its form so that the atoms that are spread out come closer and form an outline. This can be caught by a camera.

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