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Chapter 38: Session 38

One tribe was missing, naturally, after their forty years’ long journey in the desert. Moses mismanaged that too; if he had gone to the left instead of to the right, the Jews would have been the oil kings now. But Jews are Jews, you cannot predict what they will do. Moses traveled for forty years from Egypt to Israel.

I am neither a Jew nor a Christian, and it is none of my concern, but still, just out of curiosity, I wonder why he chose Israel. Why did Moses search for Israel? In fact he must have been searching for a beautiful place, but old age comes, and after a tedious journey, forty years in the desert..

I could not have done it. Forty years! I cannot do it for even forty hours. I cannot. I would rather commit hara-kiri. You know hara-kiri? It is the Japanese way of disappearing; in ordinary language, suicide.

Moses traveled for forty years and ultimately came to Israel, and that dusty, ugly place, Jerusalem. And after all this - Jews are Jews - they nagged him to travel again in search of the lost tribe. My own feeling is that he went just to get rid of these fellows. But where to look? The most beautiful place that was close was the Himalayas, and he reached the same valley.

It is good that Moses and Jesus both died in India. India is neither Christian, and certainly not Jewish - but the man, or the families to be exact, who take care of the two graves, are Jewish. And both graves are made in the Jewish way. Hindus do not make graves, as you know. Mohammedans do, but in a different way. A Mohammedan grave has to point toward Mecca. The head has to be toward Mecca. These are the only two graves in Kashmir which are not made according to the Mohammedan rules.

But the names are certainly not exactly what you might expect. In Arabic, Moses is called Mosha; and the name on his grave is Mosha. Jesus in Arabic is just the same in Aramaic, Yeshu, from the Hebrew Joshua; and it is written in the same way. It may mislead you. You might think Yeshu is not Jesus, nor that Mosha is Moses. Moses is only an English - what to say? - mispronunciation of the original; just as Jesus is.

Joshua will certainly slowly become Yeshu - Joshua is too much; Yeshu will do, and that is exactly how we call Jesus in India, Isu - pronounced Eesu. We have added something to the beauty of the name. “Jesus” is good, but you know what has been made out of it. When one wants to curse, one says, “Jesus!” The sound certainly has something cursing in it. Try to curse somebody by saying, “Joshua!” and you will find difficulty. The word itself prevents you. It is so feminine, so beautiful, and so round that you cannot hit anybody with it.

What’s the time?

“Twenty past eleven, Osho.”

That’s good, finish it.