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Chapter 25: Greed Knows No Limit

There is no need for those children. Their only function is to help Mother Teresa; otherwise, they are not needed at all. Now three kinds of birth pills are available. The first pill was a great revolution, but it was not one hundred percent foolproof. You have to take it continuously, and one day you don’t take and, strange world, the boyfriend suddenly appears.The human mind always thinks in this way: “Don’t be worried. Making love every time does not produce children. Just once in a while a child is produced. Take a chance!” - and it does not look right to reject the boyfriend.

That pill was greatly helpful to reduce the number of children, but once in a while a virgin girl would become pregnant. That’s what I think: Mary must have forgotten to take the pill. Christians and Jews should take great pride that they are the people who invented the pill. The proof is Jesus Christ.

The second pill is very significant. You can take it after. You can make love and then you can take the pill. There is no need to take it continuously. And the third pill makes men and women equal. There is no necessity for the woman to take a pill; the man takes it. But certainly the man has to take it before making love. After making love.he may take the whole box of pills, it is not going to help. Children have continuously been a problem.how can people be freed from all the bondage of possessiveness? But now there is no need; people can live as individuals.

There are no wild animals; you don’t need a continuous togetherness. There are no wild animals; even in dark nights you can be alone without any fear.

The function of the family is finished.

It freed you from the tribe; now, you have to be free from marriage and the family too. It does not mean that it is compulsory, because that will again be a slavery. It does not mean that you have to, it simply means it is optional to live together with the woman you love - or not to live together - to love a woman for your whole life or to go on changing in the American way. Nothing is wrong in it. Anything that makes you happy is perfectly good.

Amrito, you are worried.it is certainly something to be concerned about.

In the second world war, Germany and Japan and Italy were friends, allies, against America and the whole world. For five years continuously they went on winning. It was the foolishness of Adolf Hitler - which seems to be natural: if you go on winning for five years and great nations simply give way in one day.You become so arrogant that you start forgetting that a thousand and one things can change the situation. He could have won in the West - and Japan was winning. Even Calcutta was being vacated because Japanese forces had reached Rangoon and their bombs were hitting Calcutta.

The combination of the Japanese and the Germans was a strange combination. I am also always wondering that most of my sannyasins are either from Japan or from Germany. But because Adolf Hitler attacked Russia.he had a treaty with them that they would never be enemies, they would be friends. But seeing that he is winning, he broke the treaty. He had almost won the whole of Europe. And Japan, his colleague was all over the East.Hitler completely forgot that to defeat Russia is a very difficult task. He forgot that in history many attempts have been made to defeat Russia, but its geography and its climate are such that nobody has ever been able to win it.

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