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Chapter 8: Your Mind Means the Past

I had an experience two years ago. Can you explain the meaning?
I felt like an empty box, nothing was there. It reached a point where I couldn’t remember my name, or who I was. I couldn’t function, couldn’t talk or answer people when they asked me what was happening. It was a very beautiful experience.

How did it start?

I don’t know; it just happened.

Close your eyes and just remember the experience(. (She sits motionless as Osho shines his penlight on her) It has been very significant. It always happens that whenever you suddenly fall into a vacuum you cannot function.

For a few days, a few hours, you have to tell people around you not to disturb you - if it happens again. You should be taken care of. Simply relax: close the room, lie down on the bed, and in deep darkness relax inside; fall into that empty box, allow yourself to be pulled in.

That could have become a great realization. It will happen again - it is not predictable when - but it can happen again any moment. It is a glimpse of satori. Do you understand what satori is? It is a glimpse of one’s real nature.

One’s real nature is empty, it is just like non-being. It is like sky, empty space. Whenever that glimpse happens, you lose your identity, you don’t know who you are. And your name is just arbitrary, artificial - your form also.

Within this body you carry emptiness - that emptiness is your real nature. So you had a glimpse of it. And people can go mad if they don’t understand it. If you can understand it, the real sanity arises.

It has been a blessing, mm? It has been good, feel thankful for it. Meditate more and it will happen again some day. It may look like death, but don’t be afraid - it is not. It is really life. Be happy about it!


I’ve been here for seven days doing the meditations, and I feel now like going and then coming back. But knowing myself, I know that once I go it will be hard to come back. I just need something to make it a stronger pull.

Become a sannyasin. That will help. Close your eyes, and if something happens, allow it(. One needs some day to have a complete break with the past. Then habits and patterns change automatically.

Prabhat means morning and anand means bliss - a blissful morning. Morning is going to be your meditation time, so wherever you are, never miss the sunrise.

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