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Chapter 12: This Is Not Kaaba

The area had been hit with an epidemic of robberies perpetrated by the notorious gentleman burglar. One night Sadie woke and shook Hymie. “Hymie, there’s a burglar in the house” she said.

“There is not,” Hymie said sleepily. “Go back to sleep, stupid.”

Just then a man sprang from inside a closet. “There is too” he declared. “Now apologize to the lady.”

A gentleman is a gentleman - even if he becomes a burglar..

Just then a man sprang from inside a closet. “There is too” he declared. “Now apologize to the lady.”

Habits die hard. They continue deep down.

Up in Dartmouth, an English professor suddenly surprised another colleague writing on a washroom wall. “Elmer!” gasped the professor. “Don’t tell me you’re the kind of fellow who writes on washroom walls!”

“Stuff and nonsense” huffed the professor. “I’m merely correcting the grammar.’

Just old habits of correcting - must have found some grammatical mistakes there.

A miser, a very famous miser..

The big crowd gathered on the Coney Island beach and watched the man apply artificial respiration to the heiress he’d just rescued. Her parents broke through the crowds, joyful at seeing their daughter alive and well. “Mama” said the old man “give that fella a dollar. He saved her life.”

“But, Papa” protested the girl “I was half dead.”

“All right” papa said. “Give him fifty cents.”

Watch what comes from inside you. Be more watchful about it - it shows deep-rooted habits, and you will have to become aware of all those habits. I am not saying fight with them, no. I am not saying drop them with effort, no. Anything dropped by effort will come back and will come back with a vengeance. Never fight with any old habit, because fighting will create a split: you will be fighting with yourself. Simply understand. Become more watchful.

Now you have understood one thing - that knowledge is futile. It is just a glimpse. Now carry this glimpse deep into your unconscious. Watch. Whenever you start showing your knowledge, watch why. What are the deep motives? Look into the motives and you will find motives behind motives behind motives. When you have come to know all the motives and all the investments, when you have searched all around in your being, suddenly you will see that through that understanding habits disappear. No need to fight, no need to make any effort - otherwise this small glimpse that comes sometimes will never be translated into your life.

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