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Chapter 4: Rising in Love

What can be known has nothing to do with the divine. That which remains unknown in spite of all your feeling of knowing, that which you remain unacquainted with in spite of all your attempts - the more you try to catch it, the more it slips away; the more you chase it, the more mysterious it becomes - that unknown is the divine.

The second question:

Yesterday you said that an ambitious person cannot love. Yet except for a few enlightened ones, all of us are more or less ambitious. Then is it so that our love for mother and father, for son and daughter, for husband and wife, for lover and beloved, for sects and religions is polluted, a mockery, false?

The more ambition there is in your love, in the same ratio the more your love becomes false. The less ambition, the more that love becomes true. When you love somebody, do you love for the sake of love itself or is there another motive in it? The more you can see other motives, the less love there is. When somebody asks you, “Why do you love this person?” you are speechless because you cannot give any reason for it. You say, “There is no reason for it, it has just happened. Even if I search I cannot find any reason for it. I myself cannot understand.” Remember, love descends only in moments when there is no cause. That which has a cause is of the world; that which has no cause is of the divine.

Is there a reason for God to exist? Can you say? Think a little.. There can be a reason for the existence of the world: we can say that God has created the world, that he is the source. But ask, “Who created God?” and the thing becomes absurd. There is no cause at all. The world has a cause but God is without any cause.

You run a shop, this action has a motive: it is necessary for your livelihood, you have to satisfy your hunger. You work, you earn money: there is a reason, because how will you live without money? You make a house, there is a reason: it would become difficult to live without a roof in the rain or the hot sun.

But you love - what is the reason for it? Would you not be able to live without love? Would you die without love? You will not be able to live without bread, you will die. So what is the difficulty to live without love? The reality is that you will see millions of people living without love. Love may perhaps bring some difficulties, but there seems to be no difficulty in living without love. You will not be able to live without money, but man can live without love - he is living..

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