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Chapter 20: Life Has No Boundaries

Because of this lust for power, love has been completely destroyed. Both cannot exist together.

I want it to be absolutely clear to you:

Lust for power and the beauty of love cannot exist together.

But religions would like you only to love people of your own religion - others are foreigners. Countries would like you to love only the people who live in that country. And you can see, there are divisions upon divisions.

India became independent in 1947. I was very young, but I had kept my eyes clear and uncontaminated by the older generation. From my very childhood I have insisted on having my own insight, my own intelligence, and I don’t want to borrow any knowledge from anybody.

My whole family was involved in the struggle for the freedom of the country. Everybody had been in jail. Although I was never in jail because of the liberation movement, I suffered as much as one can suffer, because all the earning males were forced into jails and the family was left without any source of earning.

I asked my father, “Are you aware that once you are liberated from the British empire.and it is going to happen, because now Britain is burdened. They have exploited the land to the maximum; now the situation has reversed - they have to help the country to survive. It is better for them to escape from here and get rid of a burden which has become absolutely unnecessary.” They were not here to serve the people, they were here to exploit. And that’s exactly what happened.

The revolution happened in 1942 without any effect. It was quashed completely within nine days, and with those nine days all hope of freedom disappeared. But suddenly, out of the blue, Britain decided in 1947 to make the country free.

I told my father, “Don’t think that your freedom movement has succeeded. Between the freedom movement and the actual coming of freedom there is a five-year gap. This is not logical. You are being given freedom because now you have become a burden and a trouble, just your existence.”

And I have come to know that researchers, looking into the whole history of the British Parliament and their decisions, found out that the British Prime Minister Attlee sent Mountbatten with the message: “Do it as quickly as possible.” He had given him a set time, that, “by 1948 we should get rid of this burden.”

Mountbatten proved even more efficient. He managed it one year earlier. But I told my father, “You have been fighting, not knowing that once this country is free it will start having new fights, within itself.”

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