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Chapter 19: Rabbis and Rubbish!

Questions from Radio Popolare, Italy

You always say that you are not the doer of what is happening around you. Still, the general tendency is to see you as the star in it all.
Can you please describe yourself and the movement that is existing around you and its evolution throughout all these years?

It is difficult for people to understand something that they have never experienced in their lives. They are all doers.but even in their lives there are things which happen. For example, when they fall in love: do they do it or does it happen? Can you manage for love to happen? Either it happens or it does not happen; doing has no place in it. But millions of people are not even aware that love is a happening; that’s why they cannot understand what is happening around me. I am not the doer of it.

This is not a movement like other movements. Nobody is planning it, nobody has ever planned it. I started living out of my silence and peace, and people started coming to me and joining me. In the beginning I was alone, a wanderer; slowly, slowly more and more people came. I had not called them; something in them fell in love with me, and what had begun only with one man has become now a vast caravan covering the whole earth - even countries where I have never been, like the Soviet Union, China, other communist countries.

My feeling is that when you have something truthful it has its own fragrance. It spreads by itself. And whoever is receptive to it, whoever is in search of it immediately gets hold of it. Just like subtle threads.people start moving towards the source of it.

It seems difficult for people to understand. For example, somebody who is a communist and is trying to organize a communist party finds it so difficult. Somebody is a socialist, somebody is a fascist - and great work and great planning is needed to do it. And here there is no work, no planning; it is a movement which can only be compared with a love affair.

I do not know what is going to happen tomorrow, I do not know where I am going to be tomorrow. I have no plans for the future. This makes my people one of the most mysterious in the world - unplanned, unorganized, yet in such tremendous love, with no rules, no regulations, with no discipline, no creed, no cult, no church, no God. Still, something of the heart is blossoming.

There is a song that goes on spreading amongst my people, there is a dance to their ordinary activities; they are forgetting how to walk because their walk is turning into a dance. They are forgetting how to plan because they are seeing that things can happen on such a vast scale without planning.

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