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Chapter 8: Easy Is the Flow

“Energy is movement, and energy is delight,” says William Blake. Yes, it is, because movement is delight, movement is dance. You start moving because there is so much energy and the energy starts flowing. One day you arrive, but that arrival has not been a goal. That arrival has never been pre-planned, you had never thought about it. The Ganges reaches to the ocean, but the Ganges was not trying to reach to the ocean. The Ganges was simply delighting in its energy. And out of that delight, the movement, out of that overflowing energy.the movement.

Accept yourself. In that acceptance you start conserving energy. This is the mechanism: when you accept yourself you don’t fight. In fight, energy is dissipated. When you accept yourself totally as you are, all fight, all friction dissolves; energy is preserved. You start becoming a great reservoir. You start becoming a great streaming, flowing energy. And soon you will see you are moving, and that movement has beauty, because you are not moving to any particular goal - God, nirvana, enlightenment, buddhahood, no. You are simply moving because you cannot contain yourself; it is too much, it can’t be contained. You have to move! In fact, you are not doing anything in moving, the movement is happening to you. Out of sheer energy, the movement is growing in you.

Meditate over the difference between these two. In the first there is tension, desire, planning, future. The present is missed, the present is rejected. There is choice, because there are so many possibilities and you have to choose one possibility. There is anxiety and anguish - who knows whether you have chosen the right thing or the wrong? Who knows whether God exists or not? And there is doubt and suspicion and fear. And because of that goal you go on missing the whole journey. You can’t enjoy the birds singing, you can’t enjoy the trees by the side of the road; you are focused on the goal. You don’t have energy enough to waste. You become a miser, you don’t look at anything. You simply go on rushing - and with great fear and trembling inside: you may be moving in the wrong direction, you may be following a wrong person, you may be following just a fiction; it may not exist at all. And you are staking your whole life! That’s why your so-called saints look so sad, no song in their lives, no dance, non-celebrating. Crying and weeping, they go on dragging themselves towards something they have heard from others. And they can’t be really trusting; it is impossible. Trust arises only out of experience. They can, at the most, believe. And belief is always based in doubt, remains in doubt. Belief is an effort to cover up doubt. And the doubt will arise again and again, and many times your saints will go astray.

There is no devil to tempt them; no devil exists. All those temptations that have been felt by your so-called saints come from their own innermost core - the repressed being, the suppressed doubt, the suppressed desire. They are fearful people. You have heard about saints who are so wise that they can talk with the trees and the birds, but they are so afraid to commune with human beings; who go in search of lepers to kiss them but can’t touch a beautiful woman. You see the stupidity of it? They are ready to kiss the leper. Why are they afraid of a woman? And what kind of saintlihood is this, what kind of holiness? It is not whole.

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