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Chapter 14: No Master, No Disciple

You will have observed that I have put Americans in most of the power positions. In Sheela’s group, most were non-Americans. The reason was, those non-Americans would be more able to fight for you against the Americans. That phase is over. Now we want friendship. We are now part of America. We are Americans, fresh Americans.

I have put more Americans in power, but they are still women. Man has his own qualities; they are different from woman’s.

And I want to prove to the world that just as the woman is capable of managing a house beautifully - a clean house, good food, good clothes, everything in place; can beautify the house, just by her presence can make it something of an art - women can do the same to the commune. It is a bigger home.

Of course, they cannot be soldiers, and they should not be. They cannot be great scientists, and there is no need. But they can be good painters, poets; they can create great literature. And greatest of all, they can create an atmosphere of love, hospitality. This has to be proved existentially; otherwise the woman will remain always a slave.

For centuries she has been a slave, and now there are a few idiotic women who call themselves the women’s liberation movement. And whatever they are doing is not liberation, but simply reaction. They are teaching women to be lesbians, against men. They are spreading hatred. But a woman who cannot love a man loses something.

That was the case with Sheela; she cannot love a man. She has been trying hard; she has changed many husbands, many boyfriends, hoping that perhaps somebody she can love. But she cannot love unless her deep-rooted hatred for men is dissolved. She needs psychotherapy. She needs to open her wounds so they can be healed.

The liberation movement is not really in favor of woman’s future, it is against it. It is a reactionary movement. They are asking for equality with men. Why equality? Woman is woman, man is man; they are unique beings. They are not equal, they are not unequal either; they are simply different. They are opposite polarities.

Asking for equality, they are doing all kinds of idiotic things. Because man smokes, liberation women are smoking. Do you think this is intelligence? Man is doing something foolish, but to be equal, you have to do that foolish thing. Soon the women’s liberation will tell women to piss standing! Equality? This is sheer nonsense.

I don’t see that there is any problem. Women should behave like women, according to their nature. A woman smoking looks as if something has gone wrong. And please, at least don’t start pissing standing. Equality does not mean that you have to do everything that man is doing.

Psychologically there is no equality; there is only uniqueness. The woman has to assert her uniqueness, and she has a different way of expressing herself.

It is not only when you make a painting that you are a creator; when you make delicious food, you are an even greater creator, because nobody can eat the painting. It does not help in any way.

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