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Chapter 10: Thus Come, Thus Gone

Or, right now you are listening to me. If you put a radio on, suddenly you will start listening to a certain broadcast from some station that is passing right now. Just a receiver set is needed. Once a receiver set is there, something that is being broadcast from London or from Moscow or Peking, you can catch hold of it.

No substance is coming, just pure thought waves jumping from Peking to Pune.just thought waves, nothing substantial. You cannot hold them in your hand, you cannot see them, but they are there because your radio set catches them, or your television catches them.

Buddha says when a person dies, his whole life’s accumulated desires, his whole life’s accumulated memories, his whole life’s sanskaras, karmas, jump like energy waves into a new womb. It is a jump. The exact word is in physics: they call it “quantum leap” - “a leap of pure energy without any substance in it.”

Buddha is the first quantum physicist. Einstein followed him after twenty-five centuries, but they both speak the same language. And I still say that Buddha is scientific. His language is of modern physics; he came twenty-five centuries before his time.

When a person dies, the body disappears, the material part disappears, but the immaterial part, the mind part, is a vibration. That vibration is released, broadcast. Now, wherever a right womb is ready for this vibe, it will enter into the womb.

There is no self going, there is nobody going, there is no ego going. There is no need for anything substantial to go, it is just a push of energy. The emphasis is that it is again the same bag of the ego jumping. One house has become unlivable, one body is no more possible to live with. The old desire, the lust for life - the Buddha’s term is tanha, lust for life - is alive, burning. That very desire takes a jump.

Now, listen to modern physics. They say there is no matter. You see this very substantial wall behind me? You cannot pass through it; if you try you will be hurt. But modern physics says it is nothing, nothing substantial. It is simply pure energy moving with such tremendous speed that the very movement creates the falseness, the illusion, the appearance of substance.

You have sometimes watched a fan moving fast - then you cannot see the spades. There are only three spades, but they are moving so fast it looks like a circle, like a plate; you cannot see the gaps between two spades. If a fan is moved with the same velocity as the electrons are moving - the velocity is tremendous - then you can sit on the fan and you will not fall from it. You can sit as I am sitting on the chair and you will not feel any movement, because the movement is so fast.

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