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Chapter 29: Something of the Wild

There is a tremendous need for the women in the West to start a fresh liberation movement, because the leaders of the present day liberation movement are not meditators, are not sane. They are insane women, fighting against insane men. What is needed is some sanity. What is needed is a deep compassion, even for those who have harmed you in the past out of their unconsciousness - it was not intentional.

But now the women’s liberation movement is intentionally trying to harm men - that is even more ugly. It has not gone far, and there are not many women in agreement with these reactionaries. A fresh women’s liberation movement can take hold of millions of women who are intelligent and understanding. And this movement will have all the help from men, because then you are not fighting against men, you are fighting against the past - in which you have suffered, in which man has suffered, in which everybody has suffered.

The rebellion is not against man as such, the rebellion is against the past of man and woman both. And then this rebellion will have a quality of religiousness which will bring grace to people, gratefulness to people.

I hope it is clear to you why the difference in the Western and the Eastern woman has arisen. It was not there before this century.

I have heard.

President Ronald Reagan was gazing down into the center of a famous Greek volcano.

Finally he commented: “It looks like hell.”

“Ah, you Americans,” said the guide. “You have been everywhere.”

The Western woman has become more knowledgeable, she has been everywhere. She has become aware of things which the Eastern woman is absolutely innocent of. In her innocence there is a grace, there is a beauty which is not of this world, which gives you some indications of the beyond.

That should be the case with every woman in the world.

Every woman can become an arrow towards godliness - her grace, her beauty, her love, her devotion can show you the way towards higher realms of being, greater spaces of consciousness.

A woman is not only capable of giving birth to children, she is also capable of giving birth to seekers of truth. But that side of the woman has not been explored at all. I would like my rebellious people to explore that side too.