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Chapter 34: Joyous People Don’t Want War

The man who was working on the right leg told the other, “Remember, if your leg comes on top of my leg, I am not going to tolerate it.” The other said, “And what do you think? - I am going to tolerate it? I will cut off your leg if it comes on my leg!” And they both had their swords ready.

The master was not really asleep, no master ever is. He opened his eyes and said, “Boys, those legs are both mine! Who told you that the right leg is owned by one and the left leg is owned by the other?”

But this is the situation of the world. The mother earth has been cut into thousands of pieces. People have to be awakened to the fact, to stop calling America your motherland, stop calling Germany your fatherland. You see the difference? The whole world calls its country the motherland, except Germany! Their land is the fatherland. It is not a coincidence; they are more male chauvinistic than anybody else. Stop all this nonsense! - and people can do it.

I am preparing you to spread the fire around the world, that the whole earth belongs to us.

And let the UN go on discussing. If they want to wrestle against each other in the UN building, they can have good boxing matches. It is better than throwing shoes at each other. And it will be really great entertainment, seeing your great politicians wrestling. But that will not be decisive as far as the earth is concerned.

The people of the earth have to take the responsibility from the hands of the politicians. And this will be a first step: to erase all the boundaries. And see how many people they can put in jails; you cannot put a whole nation in jail.

All the constitutions of democratic countries accept in their list of birthrights the right of movement. But where is it? You can move only within the country. They have given you a little rope to feel that you are free, but an authentic freedom of movement will mean that anybody can go anywhere on the earth. Wherever he feels to live, he can live; no hindrance should be there. Removal of the boundaries will bring one world and one world functional government.

The UN has no power over anything. I know it.. In India, in 1947 after independence, Pakistan invaded Kashmir, which was part of India, and took over a large chunk of land. India fought against Pakistan. It could have been the beginning of a third world war, because the land that Pakistan had taken was very significant; it joined Pakistan with China.

Pakistan now could have a road - now they do have a road - going over the Himalayas to Peking. And China is not on speaking terms with Russia anymore. China is going to be with America, so that small piece of land is of immense significance.

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