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Chapter 7: The Caravan Became Bigger and Bigger

Seeing that, I opened a small school of meditation. One of my friends offered his beautiful bungalow and garden, and he made a marble temple for me, for meditations, so at least fifty people could sit and meditate in the temple. Many students, many professors - even the vice-chancellors came to understand what meditation is, tried..

But as I left the university and I initiated the movement of sannyas, a tremendous change happened. My initiation of the movement of sannyas created trouble. None of my colleagues - teachers who had been with me for years - would even come to see me. Some were Hindus, some were Mohammedans, some were Jainas - and I was a rebellious spirit. I belonged to nobody.

And the people who used to come to me - I was still teaching the same meditation - started spreading opposition to me, because now it was a question of their religion, their tradition, their church. They did not even come to understand that I am doing the same thing. Just because my people have started wearing red clothes does not mean that my teaching has changed. I just wanted to give an identity to my people so that they could be known all over the world and they could be recognized everywhere.

But they stopped coming - not only teachers but even students who had loved me. And then I saw that all our love and all our respect, all our friendship is so shallow that if our tradition, our convention, our old, ancient beliefs are in some way attacked, all our love, all our friendship disappears.

You will be surprised: even the friend who had given me his bungalow and had the marble temple made especially for me sent a message - he could not face me himself - he sent a message from his manager that because I did not belong to any ancient path, I should not use his place for my meditation school.as if anything old is bound to be gold. Most probably the older it is, the more rotten it is.

I sent him a message, “I will leave your house and the temple, and you can do whatsoever you want with it. But I am with the sunrise; I am not with the sunset. And I want the whole world to be with the new and not with the old.”

Truth always moves with the fresh and the young and the innocent. It dies with the knowledgeable, the scholarly, the clever, the so-called wise - who are really otherwise.

After sannyas, there was a demarcation line. The people who used to know me before, slowly, slowly backed away. New people, new faces started coming. And this has been going on with each new phase of my work. A few old faces disappear and a few new faces bring new blood and new juice to the movement.

From all over the world messages have come to me that at every center, even though the whole movement is in a difficulty - I do not have a home, the movement does not have a headquarters - from each small center news goes on coming that new people are becoming sannyasins, people who we have never thought would become sannyasins. The pressure from all the governments of the world is helping immensely. Anybody who is courageous, who has some respect for freedom, some taste of intelligence, has started coming into the movement.

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