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Chapter 32: Truth Has to Wait.but Not to Wait Forever

Journalists should gather a little courage, and when they start writing stories about facts and figures they should look at the other side also. Just put both sides; don’t give your judgment. Let the people decide. And truth has a quality of its own. If both sides are placed before you without any prejudice, you will be able to figure out what is true and what is false.

And it has helped the whole movement around the world. Those whose trust was forced, whose love was managed, naturally have to fall out of my world, from my people. But it has been a fire test for those who really love and trust me. Their trust has become stronger, their love has become deeper. And thousands of new people have come into the movement. Seeing that against a single man, the whole world and the whole worlds’ governments are against him - it is not possible that the man can be wrong.

Otherwise, there is no need for so many governments to be against me. They can simply refute me, their theologians can refute me; their legal systems can prove me wrong. Because they cannot do anything, now they have come down to the lowest. Ronald Reagan and the people who are cooperating with him have sunk to the status of terrorists. Now, putting a bomb against a man who is under your protection in the jail - this is pure inhumanity.

And existence will not tolerate it, existence will not forgive it, existence will not forget it. And you will see every day these people disappearing from the scene.

Truth has to wait, but not to wait forever. It is patient; it is patient because it knows its victory is certain.