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Chapter 4: Hatha Yoga and Hypnosis

He continued the technique. Within a week, he was as angry with the pillow as you can imagine. It was so authentic and real. Then on the eighth day, he came with a dagger, though I had not asked him to. He said, “Now the problem is too much! I want to kill the pillow! Unless I kill it, if the anger is not released, I feel so agitated that I’m afraid I may kill somebody. So let me kill this pillow, murder it.”

So he murdered it. On the eighth day he murdered the pillow, he completely destroyed it. Then for at least half an hour, he fell into a deep relaxation.

Finally I asked him, “What is your feeling about the pillow?”

He said, “The pillow remained just a pillow for four days. Later on, it became my father. I have not killed the pillow; I have killed my father. It has been a longing in me for three years. Now finally I can go back to my home, to my father. I’m not angry any more. On the contrary, I feel much pity for my father. The violence has disappeared.”

Then I said, “Now you can start meditating.” And the very first day, he went into deep meditation. Through catharsis, his anger was released. Only then was he ready for meditation.

Everyone is stuck in certain grooves. First, it is necessary to “ungroove” a person, and for this there are many, many methods.

One of the methods that I give people to do is ten minutes of chaotic breathing - as chaotically as possible. Just chaotic breathing: in-out, in-out. Just become a bellows. Forget yourself, do not interfere. Whatever movement happens, allow it. If you begin to strike at the air, then strike. If you begin to scream, then scream. If laughter comes to you, if weeping comes to you, if jumping comes to you, do it. Whatever happens to your mind, whatever you feel, do!

At my meditation camps, I watch people doing chaotic breathing for ten minutes and then allowing spontaneous movements to happen for ten minutes. At least fifty percent or more of the people make movements that are obviously sexual. Anyone can see that their movements are sexual, that it is sexual energy that is moving. Ten minutes of chaotic breathing disturbs the fixed pattern of your personality. Then the unconscious surges up and takes over.

I am too much in control of my body. My mind is too strong. It would never happen with me.

If you are cooperative, it is very easy. What is the problem? It is the easiest thing in the world if you are cooperative. But if someone is not able to cooperate with his own energy, if he is not able to allow his body suppressions to be released, then he can be hypnotized, and under hypnosis he can be told to allow what is in the unconscious to be expressed. Then, he can begin.

Only rarely can someone not be hypnotized. Only someone who is insane or who is below normal, someone who is not intelligent enough, cannot be hypnotized. You cannot hypnotize a madman; you cannot hypnotize an idiot.

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