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Chapter 3: Power

Sat-chit-anand is made of three words: sat, which means ultimate truth; chit, which means ultimate consciousness; anand, which means ultimate bliss. That is one set which denotes the experience of enlightenment.

But enlightenment is vast. There is another set: satyam, which means truth; shivam, which means good; sunderam, which means beautiful.

Why is this difference there? - that too is significant to understand. The first statement comes from people who are of a philosophical bent: truth, consciousness, bliss. The second set comes from people who are basically poetic. Truth remains in both the sets, but the other two qualities change. To the poet, beauty is more important than anything else - and also the quality of goodness.

So the first set comes from people who have become enlightened, but they have been of a philosophical mind. And the second group comes from people who have been poets. The only thing that joins them is truth - and truth is a vast sky - it contains all great experiences. You can choose any according to your own inclination.

Ta Hui has come across mere moralists who don’t know the source of good, but talk about good. They are ethical, not religious. He has also come in contact with some enlightened masters - I will tell you from where he has made this humbug teaching. The difference is so vast, qualitatively so different, but even a man of Ta Hui’s intelligence could not figure out that they don’t meet anywhere. You cannot glue them together - the distance is so vast. But it will be a good discipline for you - that’s why I have chosen Ta Hui. It will be a good discipline for you to learn a little discrimination; otherwise you get impressed by any nonsense.

Just the other day somebody brought a book about a woman I had known. She was just a very ordinary woman, living with Swami Muktananda - serving him, cooking his food. After the death of Muktananda, she has taken his place. Now her name is Gurumayi, the feminine of the Guru - Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, and she is followed by many people. The book has been sent to me because she is touring around the world and many people are impressed by her. She is the successor of Muktananda. He himself was a perfect idiot - now where to put this woman? You cannot be more perfect than Muktananda was.

But the problem is people simply listen to the words and they don’t have any criteria to check whether these people are saying things out of their own experience, or they have collected them from books, from other people, and are simply repeating. You can see it very clearly in Ta Hui. He is a perfect specimen.

Now if you want to save mental power.Buddha’s whole teaching is that all the power that mind has is given by you. Mind has no power of its own; it is given by you through identification. Because you identify yourself with it, the mind becomes powerful. It is your power.

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