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Chapter 13: Beyond Polarities, Beyond Time

Think. This whole attitude: if everyone dies and only you have remained on the earth, will you feel foolish or wise, beautiful or ugly? If you are alone, then there is no question: you are the same as you were with others. You are the same, but because there is no comparison you cannot say, “I am wise.”

If you live with your facticity, with your being as it is, you become alone amidst the crowd. One comes to be just an island, alone, and there is no one to be compared with. All comparison falls. And then you have a freedom - completely unknown.

In that freedom, you are to be whatsoever you are. And that is the only freedom I know of: to be whatsoever you are. Otherwise there is misery - layers and layers of misery and worlds and worlds of hell that you go on creating continuously.

Everyone lives in a multidimensional hell, because it is not only in one dimension that we compare; we continually compare in multi-dimensions. Someone is more healthy, someone is more beautiful, someone is more wise, someone is more strong, someone is more wealthy - multi-dimensions of comparison. And everyone comparing with everyone else lives in a multidimensional hell. Everywhere is hell!

The mind is such that no one can come out of this comparison to any heaven, to any blissful state of mind - not even an emperor. He has everything, the whole world in his hands, and a beggar just passes by his side, singing, and he feels miserable. He cannot sing like that. The whole kingdom, the whole wealth, and the whole victory have become useless. Just a beggar singing by the corner of the road, and the emperor is no longer an emperor; he has become miserable. He cannot sing like that! The same mind, in any situation, will create, through different routes.

So be with the fact. Don’t ask how to be stronger, what is the method to be stronger, how not to feel helpless. If you are helpless, then feel helpless. Why create the other? If I am helpless, I must feel helplessness. And this is the miracle: if I can be at ease with my helplessness, I am no longer helpless - because I am helpless, and the sting is because I don’t want to be. If I am ready to accept that I am helpless, if I am ready to live with this helplessness, then where is the helplessness? It has gone. Now I can never feel helpless.

This is the dynamic of the mind: if you feel helplessness, and endeavor to reach a point against it, you are never going to be beyond it. Don’t endeavor to be what is against it, what is the opposite. Just be, and it withers away; it is found nowhere. It is found only in the opposite - and it is the mind that creates the opposite. It says, “This is not good. Be like that.” See the mechanism, and the stupidity of it. I am helpless, I am weak. My mind says, “Be strong.” How can a weak man be strong? And if I can be strong, then I am not weak.

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