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Chapter 21: The Watermelon and the Knife

German youngsters seem to contradict Nietzsche! I have read: “God is not dead, it’s just that he can’t find a space to park his car.” What do you think?

The German young people are not wrong, neither are they right; they just don’t know the whole thing. Frederick Nietzsche is also in the same position - neither right nor wrong - because he also does not know the whole thing. He says, “God is dead.” That is true in a way, but the fact is God committed suicide. And why did he commit suicide? - because he could not find a parking place for his old, ancient Ford. So they are both right.

It is that same old Ford - the bible describes it - that God used when he drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. Drove in what? It was an ancient Ford model-T. And it must be somewhere in Mumbai, because I have been all around the world. You cannot find such ancient models as you can find in Mumbai. And the Indian government is very protective of ancient models; it does not allow new cars to come in, and it does not allow the old cars to go out. Mumbai is a great museum for old cars. If you search, you may find the first car in which God drove Adam and Eve. Where did he drive them? - to Victoria Station!