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Chapter 27: War Is Meaningless

Pritish Nandy

Illustrated Weekly of India, Mumbai, India


Glad to see you.

Very glad to see you, too.


I want to start off with a question which you must have been asked several times in the recent past. For about three and a half years, you kept a maun, and after that you gave it up. Why did you choose to take a maun? Why did you choose to give it up?

There were many reasons, but the most fundamental was concerning my sannyasins. I don’t want them to be intellectually related to me, because that has nothing to do with the real experience of your being.

There were many people who were just hanging around me. They loved my words, they loved my way of thinking. And I am not a thinker, and I am not a preacher, I am not a prophet or messiah. I want to share my experience - and for that, only those who are capable of living with me in silence are ready to understand me. So for three and a half years, I was silent. The basic reason was that those people who were hanging around my words, were interested intellectually in me, dropped out.

And the people who were in love with me - not with my words or theories - they remained. The moment I saw that all the people whose concern was their head are gone, I started speaking again. Now, with these people, speaking is a totally different experience. They can read me between the words, they can read me between the lines, and they are not addicted to my words. If I am silent, they are as happy as when I am speaking to them.

But what is the difference between being addicted to your words and being addicted to you?

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