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Chapter 17: Session 17

And, Gudia, more are to follow. Yes, they are going to pop! Here, there, and everywhere. They have to pop quickly because I don’t have much time. But the sound of a man popping into existence is not the sound of pop music, it is not even classical music; it is pure music, not capable of being classified.not even to be heard but only to be felt.

Now, do you see the nonsense? I am talking of a music that has to be felt and not heard. Yes, that’s what I am talking about; that’s what enlightenment is. All becomes silent, as if Basho’s frog had never jumped into the ancient pond.never, never.as if the pond has remained without any ripples, forever reflecting the sky, undisturbed.

This haiku of Basho is beautiful. I repeat it so many times because it is always so new, and always pregnant with a new meaning. It is for the first time that I am saying that the frog has not jumped, and there is no plop. The ancient pond is neither ancient nor new; it knows nothing of time. There are no ripples on its surface. In it you can see all the stars more glorified, more magnificent, than they are in the sky above. The depth of the pond contributes immensely to their richness. They become more of the same stuff dreams are made of.

When one pops into enlightenment, then one knows the frog had not jumped.the ancient pond was not ancient. Then one knows what is.

This is all by the way. But before I again forget.the poor story that I started yesterday. You may not have thought that I would remember it, but I can forget anything except a beautiful story. Even when I am dead, if you want me to speak, ask me something about a story, perhaps just a fable by Aesop, Panchtantra, Jataka Tales, or just the parables of Jesus.

I was saying yesterday.it all began with the metaphor “dog’s death.” I said that the poor dog had nothing to do with it. But there is a story behind that metaphor, and because millions of people are going to die a dog’s death, it is worth understanding. Perhaps you have already heard the story. I think every child has heard it; it is so simple.

God created the world: man, woman, animals, trees, birds, mountains - everything. Perhaps he was a communist. Now, this is not good; at least God should not be a communist. It would not look good to be called “Comrade God”: “Comrade God, how are you?” It just doesn’t sound good. But the story says he gave everybody twenty years of life. Everybody was given the same. As could be expected, man immediately stood up and said, “Only twenty years? It is not enough.”

That shows something about man: nothing is enough. It is never enough. Woman did not stand up. That also shows something about women. She is satisfied with small things. Her desires are very human; she is not asking for the stars. In fact she giggles at man for all his efforts to reach Everest, or the moon or Mars. She cannot understand what all this nonsense is about. Why don’t we just go and see what is on television right now? As far as I know, watching television..

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