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Chapter 11: Something Greater Is Possible

A man comes forward. He is the person who asked at a previous darshan whether a master was necessary to help one become enlightened, and to whom Osho replied that he should not waste time but find a master to whom he could surrender.

I’d like to take sannyas.

I was waiting for you! Close your eyes(and if something happens in the energy, allow it; any movement comes to the body, allow it. And relax deeper and deeper inside yourself.

Good! And this is your new name. It means music of love. Prem means love, ninad means music - but not ordinary music. It means natural music. For example, a waterfall - then it is ninad. So it is not a man playing on a guitar - then it is not ninad, it is ordinary music, not of nature. Wind passing through the trees - then there is music, then it is ninad.

Ninad means music of nature, not created by man, untouched by man - wild, virgin.


Two of my friends who were in the group aren’t here tonight because they both became ill in the group - one on the first day, the other on the second.

Sometimes it happens that when some changes start in the mind, the body reacts. There is something unfamiliar and the body wants to reject it. So, many times illnesses happen.

But it is good and positive. After their illness they will feel of a totally different mind. Always remember in the group that if somebody becomes ill - during a group meditation or technique - remember always to give him the feeling that it is good and nothing to get depressed about. In fact it shows something has started to work, and the body wants to change with the new mind, so a few things have to be thrown out. Maybe there are a few poisons in the body, and when it starts to throw them out, you become ill.

Tell them that within two or three days they will be perfectly okay - and better than before.


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