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Chapter 20: It Is All Happening Silently

There are beauties and beauties.and there are categories. Music and dance are very physical. As far as they go they are beautiful, but one should not get stuck with them, one should not be stopped by them. They should open the door for the higher realm. For example, if you are really a lover of music, soon music will be forgotten and you will be entering into silence. If you are really in deep attachment with dance, soon the dance has to disappear, so that you can be in an unmoving state of being.

In China there is an ancient story:

A man declared himself to be the greatest archer, and he went to the king and said, “I am ready to accept anybody’s challenge. I have practiced archery for thirty years, and I know that there is nobody in the whole empire who can be a competitor to me. It should be declared.a time should be given and within this time, if there is somebody who wants to compete with me, I am ready; otherwise you have to declare me the champion of the whole empire, the master archer.”

The king knew that he was the greatest archer he had seen and what he was saying was not boasting, it was really true. There was nobody in the whole empire even close to him; he had gone into the art so deeply. But an old man who was the constant companion of the king.. He was a servant, but he was very respected by the king because the king’s father had died early and this servant had been almost a father to him; he had protected him, he had disciplined him, he had trained him to be a king, and he managed to put him on the throne, to make him the emperor. He was sitting by his side on the ground, and he laughed.

The king said, “Why are you laughing? What he is saying is true. I know this man, I know his archery. Even with closed eyes he never misses his target; with closed eyes he can kill a flying bird. There is nobody who is in any way comparable to him.”

The old man said, “You are too young. I know a man before whom this man is just an amateur. He is very ancient, very old - older than me. He lives deep in the mountains. Before you declare this man the champion, he has to meet that old man. Just meeting him will be enough - competition is out of the question.”

This was a great challenge: just meeting him will be enough, competition is out of the question - you cannot compete with that man, he is a master. The servant showed the archer the way to the place where he could be found, the cave where he lived. The archer went miles into the mountains, finally found the cave and laughed, because there was the old man sitting not even with a bow in the cave anywhere, no arrows - what kind of master archer is he? And he was so old, maybe ninety, ninety-five or more. He could not hit the target, his hands would tremble, he was so old!

But the man said, “I have been sent by the king to meet you.”

The old man said, “I have received the message of the king, but before I meet you I will give a little test. I don’t meet each and everybody! At least you must be capable of being an archer; you will have to take a little test.” To be a master archer is out of the question.he wanted to check whether he had any capacity for archery, any talent, any genius.

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