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Chapter 5: Bound in Deep Togetherness

The one Self never moves,
Yet is too swift for the mind.
The senses cannot reach It,
Yet It is ever beyond their grasp.
Remaining still, It outstrips all activity,
Yet in It rests the breath of all that moves.

It moves, yet moves not.
It is far, yet It is near.
It is within all this,
and yet without all this.

He who sees everything as nothing but the Self,
and the Self in everything he sees,
Such a seer withdraws from nothing.
For the enlightened, all that exists
is nothing but the Self,
So how could any suffering or delusion continue
for those who know this Oneness?

He who pervades all, is radiant,
unbounded and untainted,
invulnerable and pure.
He is the knower, the one Mind,
omnipresent and self-sufficient.
He has harmonized diversity throughout eternal time.

Purnat purnamudachyate
Purnasya purnamadaya
Purnameva vashishyate.

That is the Whole.
This is the Whole.
From wholeness emerges wholeness.
Wholeness coming from wholeness,
wholeness still remains.

Aum represents the music of existence, the soundless sound, the sound of silence, when your whole being hums with joy. Aum represents the ultimate harmony, what Heraclitus calls “the hidden harmony”. To become one with this music of existence is to attain flowering, fulfillment.

The moment you lose your discord with the whole, the moment you are in tune with the whole - attunement simply means “at-onement” - when you are one with the whole, every fiber of your being, every cell of your being dances, for no reason at all. It is the dance for dance’s sake, joy which is uncaused, hence it is eternal - joy which is unmotivated. joy which is not dependent on anything. It is your intrinsic, natural music, your spontaneity.

All the Upanishads begin with this remembrance:

That is the Whole.
This is the Whole.

That represents the innermost core of this. It is called that because it is not known to you yet. Those who know, for them there is only this and no that, or only that and no this. The duality disappears, but for the blind the duality is there. Everything is dual, if you are not fully aware - divided.

This means that which you can see and that means which is invisible. This is the wheel and that is the axle. The wheel moves on the axle but the axle moves not. All movement depends on something unmoving: all change depends on something eternal Time depends on timelessness. Birth and death happen into something which is never born and never dies.

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