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Chapter 7: It Is Time Now!

Kabir says: The music has penetrated, it has overwhelmed me. But from where it comes I cannot decipher. Whose flute is this? I cannot see the dancer - the dance I can see. I cannot see the singer - the song has reached me. Yes, God is not a singer but a song. There is nobody behind the flute. This is very difficult for us to understand: there is nobody behind the flute like a person, there is nobody behind the universe. The universe is it - it is this. The universe is not a symbol for somebody else, not a sign for somebody else. The universe itself is God.

If you can’t understand this you will go on looking somewhere in a faraway land beyond life. And you will go on missing - because he is here and you look there, he is now and you look then. He is so close that even if you close your eyes you will find him. He is the very core of your being.

Koun murali-shabd sun anand bhayo.

From where comes this music? says Kabir. Who is playing on his flute? The music has come to me, I am permeated by it. Great bliss has descended upon me, I am blessed by it. But from where does it come? What is the source of it? Who has caused it?

Nobody has caused it. That dual logic has to be dropped. The music is the musician and the dance is the dancer, and the flute is the flute-player too - there are not two. The moment you create duality you create problems which cannot be solved. And that’s how it has been, down the ages. All philosophy depends on duality - I/thou, mind/matter, body/soul, the world/God.

But watch deep inside your own being. Is the mind separate from the body? Is there really any separation, any demarking line? Can you divide? Can you say, “This is mind and this is matter”? The body and the mind are not two things. You are body/mind - you are psychosomatic, you are one unity. The body is the visible part of your being and the being is the non-visible part of the body. The body is your surface and you are the body’s depth. But they are not separate.

The world is the body of God. They are not separate, it is one reality. They are two because we cannot yet understand the one. This is the difficulty with the mind - the mind can understand only by dividing, the mind can understand only by analyzing. The mind always divides: that is the way to understand.

You see a dancer and you say, “I am seeing the dance and there is a dancer behind it.” You see a man running on the beach and you think there is running and the runner. There are not two; the running is the runner.

But all the languages of the world - almost all the languages, except a few primitive languages - create this illusion of duality. And it is very difficult for these languages to explain their duality. If you look in the dictionary and you want to know what mind is, you will find the definition: “That which is not matter.” And if you look for matter you will find the definition: “That which is not mind.” Now, what kind of nonsense is this?

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