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Chapter 12: The Lesson of Harmony

And what is even more interesting is that the waves cannot exist without the ocean - the notes cannot exist without the music. The ocean can exist without the waves, but the waves cannot exist without the ocean. Music can exist without notes, but notes cannot exist without music. Yet you do not hear the music or see the ocean. You see the waves, you hear the notes.

The impersonal, the brahman, the vast esoteric expansion of life does not lend itself to experience; it is people who are experienced. A person has a boundary, that’s why he can be seen; waves are small, that’s why they can be seen. The ocean is huge, eyes are small; that’s why it cannot be seen. The note is small, it creates an impact, it is heard. The music of the ocean is vast, so it does not create an impact, it is not experienced. But if we start traveling inwards, we will begin to hear that music. Why? Why will it be heard if we move inwards?

Understand a little more about what I have said about the waves. If a wave were to rise up and look around, if that wave had eyes - and there is no problem about waves having eyes, because we too are waves and we have eyes - if a wave could think and were to look all around itself, it would see only waves and more waves. It would not see the ocean. And that wave would also be able to see that it was different from all the other waves.

Inevitably, one wave will just be forming, another wave will be rising up, and another wave will be falling back. One wave will be big, another wave will be small. So how can this one wave ever accept that it is a part of all the other waves? “A wave is disappearing right in front of me, but I am not disappearing. And if we were all one, then we would have all disappeared together. And a wave that is bigger than me is rising - so we cannot be the same. If we were, I would also have become bigger, and I would be just like him.”

So one thing is certain: if the wave looks around it will never see the ocean, because the surface of the ocean is full of waves. The second thing is that to this wave, all the other waves will seem different. And the third thing is that to this wave it will seem that all the other waves are its enemy, that they are eager to destroy it. It will feel that they are anxious to get rid of it.

Struggle, competition, and the rat race - this is what we experience. But if the wave turns inwards, closes its eyes to the outer world and turns inwards, what will it find? If the wave turns inwards, it will begin to fall into the ocean - because within, the wave is nothing but the ocean; beneath the wave is nothing but the ocean. If the wave looks outside itself, all it can see is the other waves, but if it looks inside it will be able to experience the ocean.

And after looking inside, the whole situation will change. Once it has experienced the ocean, it will laugh: all those waves it was seeing were not real. The same ocean is inside them too! Now, by reaching within itself the wave can reach into others and see for itself that underneath it is all one and the same ocean. There is no barrier in the way, there is no wall anywhere, there is no obstacle to its going anywhere.

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