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Chapter 1: One Short Note

All buddhas have been singing the same note. Listeners go on changing; buddhas never change. I am singing the same song that Kakua sang before the emperor. He produced a flute from the folds of his robes, blew one short note.Just like a single flower in a big garden - a single note against the whole sky, a single note against the whole mind, the chattering of the mind. And then he.bowed politely, and disappeared.

No one ever knew what became of him.

He tried his best. First he tried silence. I have also tried silence first, but it was difficult; the listener could not hear anything. Now I am trying the single note with a flute. And if you don’t listen, remember this story: Kakua disappears. Then nobody ever hears anything about him.

And Kakua tried with the best, the emperor and his court. And when he saw that even the emperor and the court could not understand, then what was the use? Who could understand? He simply didn’t bother again. And this has been happening many many times, millions of times. Many Kakuas never even tried when they saw the whole absurdity. They simply looked at your faces; they found walls there. They simply never tried. But some Kakuas are very bold - they try. That is hoping against hope.

This story is a very beautiful indication. What will you do because of this story? First try silence.be silent with me. If you feel it impossible then listen to the music, not to the words I am saying to you. Words are just excuses - listen to the music. And don’t argue, because what I am saying is not a logical statement, it is absurd. But that is not the point at all, the logic of it. The point is the music of it.

First try silence with me. If it happens, it is beautiful. If it cannot happen, then try music. These two are the only ways, there is no third way. Don’t listen to what I say, just listen to the rhythm. Just listen to the harmony, the harmony of the opposites. And it is a single note, remember. I go on repeating the same thing every day in different ways. Sometimes a Zen story is the excuse, sometimes a Sufi story is the excuse, sometimes the Gita, sometimes Jesus or Mahavira; these are all excuses - but I go on repeating the same note. I go around you trying from everywhere, all the possibilities.

Listen to the music, don’t listen to the logic. It has no logic in it, it has only a melody.

Enough for today.