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Chapter 2: The Stretched Soul Makes Music

Whenever anger is expressed, you are released from it. And after the anger you can again feel compassion; after the anger and the storm are gone you can again feel the silence of love. There is a rhythm between hate and love, anger and compassion. If you drop one thing, the other will disappear. And the irony is that whatsoever you have dropped, you have only swallowed it. It will become part of your system. You will be simply angry for no reason at all; your anger will be irrational. It will show in your eyes, in your sadness, in your somberness, in your seriousness. You will become incapable of celebration.

When I say replace perfection with totality, I mean when you are angry, be totally angry. Then just be anger, pure anger. It has beauty. And the world will be far better when we accept anger as part of humanity, as part of the play of polarities. You cannot have east without having west and you cannot have night without having day and you cannot have summer without having winter. We have to accept life in its totality. There is a certain rhythm, there is a polarity.

It is the stretched soul that makes music. And souls are stretched by the pull of opposites: opposite wants, tastes, yearnings, loyalties. Where there is no polarity, where energies flow smoothly in one direction, there will be much doing but no music, much noise but no music. The music is created by the meeting of silence and sound, the music is created by the polar opposites.

Just look at life. If there are only men on the earth there will be no more music, if there are only women on the earth there will be no more music. The music is between the polarities: man and woman, yin and yang, Shiva and Shakti. Only the stretched souls can create music - stretched between polarities. A man who can be angry and totally angry will be able to be in love and totally in love.

And this too has to be understood, that it is a fact that you love a man and you hate the same man. You love and hate the same person - who else? When you have invested your love in somebody, naturally you have invested your hate too, because hate and love are two aspects of the same coin. Lovers fight, they are intimate enemies. And whenever the fight disappears between two lovers, love also disappears; it cannot exist without the fight.

There is an inner mechanism. When you love a person you want to come close to him, you want a deep intimate relationship. But after a deep experience of intimacy you want to separate too, you want to go far away. You have feasted, now you would like to fast, otherwise there will be nausea. You can love and you can be intimate only for a certain amount of time. You cannot eat for twenty-four hours - you cannot love either. If a person eats for twenty-four hours he is mad. And he will not enjoy food - in fact he will enjoy vomiting more than food; out of necessity he will have to vomit.

It is said about Nero that he was so much obsessed with food that he had four doctors following him wherever he would go. And those four doctors’ duty was to make him vomit. He would eat too much and the doctors would make him vomit, and then he would eat too much again, immediately. To make it possible for him, so he could eat many times in a day, the only way was to help him vomit. Now this is madness. And how can you enjoy food when you are continuously vomiting? It is nauseating, the very idea is nauseating. And when you digest it you will throw your whole system into a chaos. It is the mind being destructive to the body.

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