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Chapter 12: To Create a Balance

He was undersized, meek, diffident and subdued, and he had applied for a job as a nightwatchman.

“Yes,” said the manager, dubiously, “but the fact is we want someone who is restless and uneasy, especially at night - someone who thinks the worst of everybody, someone who sleeps with one eye open. The kind of person in short, who when roused, is the devil himself.”

“Alright,” said the meek lad as he walked away, “I’ll send my wife.”

It depends on what you choose inside you. It is a choice. The body is not your choice, but the vibe that will surround your body is a choice. And if you consciously choose, you will have great freedom in your being, because you will know who you are and what you are doing with your body.

The body is tremendously potential - much can happen through it - but people take it for granted. It is as if a beautiful guitar has been given to you as a present and you just keep it, not knowing the potential of it. You can play on the guitar, you can learn to play on the guitar and great music will be born. And then it depends on you what kind of music it will be. You can create a music which is sad, you can create a music which is celebrating, you can create music which is violent, you can create a music which is soothing, loving, silent - there are kinds of music.

The classical music has a different quality: it soothes, it brings you to a silence, rest. The modern pop music makes you restless, sexual; it drives you into a kind of frenzy. The instruments are the same, so is the body. A really wise person chooses to play the kind of music he wants to play on the body. You can make your body like a Buddha or you can become a Mohammed Ali. It depends on you. Look at Buddha’s body: how soft - although he is a man, how feminine - although he is a man. He has chosen grace.

It depends on you. It is your choice. You are not confined by your chemistry. You can be confined only if you remain unconscious in your chemistry, otherwise your chemistry has infinite potential: it can be put to a thousand and one uses. And to learn how to use one’s body, how to behave with one’s body, how to relate with one’s body, is a great art. Millions of people just take their body for granted; they never search for its possibilities. Their body remains a seed, it never becomes a golden flower.

The fourth question:

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