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Chapter 18: Shaktipat: The Mysteries of Body-Electricity

There is another danger. If you use aum as a technique you will never know the basic sound of the word as it arises from existence, because your own articulation will be imposed upon it. So you will never witness its purest manifestation. Whoever uses the sound of aum as a technique never experiences aum in reality. By continued practice they will superimpose their own nuances on the actual resonance when it comes. Then they will be unable to hear the pure reverberation of aum. They still fail to hear the direct resonance of the void because they are filled with their own sound. This is natural, because that with which we are familiar becomes implanted in us. Therefore, I say that it is better not to be familiar with aum; it is better not to make use of aum. Someday it will appear in the fourth body and then it will have some meaning.

Its appearance in the fourth body will mean that you have reached the limits of the fourth body. Now you are about to step out of the psyche, out of the realm of words. The last word has come and you now stand at the place where the word started; you stand where the whole world stood at the beginning; you stand at the threshold of creation. And then, when its own melody begins to flow, its charm is inexpressible. There is no way of describing it. Our best music cannot compare with its smallest echo. No matter how hard we try, we can never hear this music of silence with the outside ear. Therefore, it is better that we do not have any preconceived ideas about it. Let us not give any form or color to it or else we will be caught by our imagery and this will be an obstacle.

The bioelectrical difference between man and woman persists until the fourth body. Does this mean that the effect of a male medium or a female medium is different on male and female meditators? If so, please explain why.

Many things will have to be clarified in this context. As I said before, the difference between male and female exists until the fourth body. After the fourth there is no difference. The fifth is beyond any difference in gender. But the difference is very fundamental up to the fourth body, and this basic dissimilarity will bring many different results. Let us first understand the male body, then move on to the female.

The first body of the man is male, the second is female, the third again is male, and the fourth female. In the female it is the opposite: her first body is female, the second male, the third is again female, and the fourth is male. There are radical differences because of this. It is these differences that have deeply influenced the whole history and religion of mankind and which have given man’s culture a particular type of order.

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