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Chapter 38: Music Will Remind You of Me

Haridas said, “Baiju, you are really bawara! You are really mad. Now is the point at which you can win.” Baiju never went, but because Haridas himself had said, “This is the point at which you can win,” it was absolutely certain that he had gone higher than Tansen. And in refusing to go in for a competition, he showed that now his music was not part of the marketplace, it was something sacred. Now it had become his meditation.

If music moves rightly, it will take you to meditation.

So your experience is perfectly good. Let it happen more and more.

I have been around you for so many years, and especially the last four years were so beautiful. Tears of joy and gratefulness fill my eyes. My eyes see no charm in the world except you. There was only one desire - to be physically around you - and it is still there, even more than before. Why is it so?

It is natural; and it will be fulfilled. There is no question about it.

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