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Chapter 37: This Moment

The reality is that after three hundred years Christian disciples created fictitious miracles, because if these miracles are not there, then there is nothing in Jesus that can be of any importance. He is not a meditator, he has not said that he has become enlightened, he has not opened any doors of mysteries - so fictions are needed.

I have heard that a bishop and two rabbis had gone fishing in Lake Galilee, where Jesus used to walk. The bishop said to the rabbis, “I’m new here, you live here. Do you think Jesus really walked on water?”

One rabbi said, “What to say about Jesus - here almost everybody walks on water.”

The bishop said, “What? Can you walk on water?”

The rabbi said, “Yes.”

They stopped the boat. The rabbi stepped out, walked on the water a few feet, and came back. The bishop could not believe it. The bishop asked the other rabbi, “Can you also walk.?”

The second rabbi went out of the boat a few feet on the water, came back and both the rabbis said, “We are not Christians. You are a Christian - can you walk on water?”

The bishop said, “Of course. If you can walk, even without being Christians, certainly I can also.” He gathered confidence, seeing two persons walking, and he got out of the boat.and started drowning.

One rabbi said to the other, “Should we tell that idiot that on that side there are no rocks? The rocks are on this side!”

It is possible to walk on water if you know where the rocks are. But people become very much interested in all kinds of stupid things.

Ta Hui is saying, “Don’t bother about what others have achieved.” That always misleads people, because they also start trying to achieve the same marvels, the same miracles. And in existence there is no miracle.

In existence there are mysteries, and you can enter those mysteries, and you can enjoy and relish, and you can dance with great blissfulness. But that does not mean that you will be able to walk on water; nature does not allow exceptions. That does not mean that you will be able to turn water into wine. That is really a crime; don’t do that!

It is enough - perhaps the greatest miracle according to me, and Ta Hui will agree with me - to be humble, just to be nobody, with no claim, silent, aware, and capable of entering the golden gate, the present moment.

The present moment contains all the mysteries of existence. The present moment is the only temple of God.