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Chapter 28: Trust

And Bayazid bowed down, touched the feet of the master for the first time and for the last time, tears in his eyes of gratitude, because what words cannot say tears can say.

Trust is something that is a growth in your being, a maturity of your being, indefinable, indescribable - but experienceable. In a single word, trust is the whole experience of mysticism.

I’ve heard you said that this is not a religion but a mystery school. Can you say something about how a mystery school should be organized, and what it is?

The very word mystery school can give you the feel of the matter. Everything here - it may be trust, it may be love, it may be friendship, it may be silence, meditation - is a mystery, mystery in the sense that there is no way to put it into words just like two plus two is equal to four. Even that is not as simple as people think.

Bertrand Russell and Whitehead, two great geniuses of our century, joined hands in writing a book which nobody reads, Principia Mathematica. And you cannot be angry with people if they don’t read it. Just to explain that two plus two are really four, they have spent two hundred fifty pages. Apparently it seems to be a very simple thing, but when you go into details nothing is simple. Even two plus two is not always four for the simple reason because they had to think of all the possibilities. In abstraction two plus two may be four, but in abstraction it means nothing exists.

Two chairs and two chairs are four chairs: this is not abstraction, now you have come to realities. But no two chairs are exactly alike. Then problems arise. The first two chairs are not alike, there are differences. The other two chairs are not alike, there are differences. In fact, there are four unique chairs. How can you make two plus two so easily four? In reality it is impossible. Only in abstract concepts it is possible. To go into all its implications, two hundred fifty pages of very complicated argumentation. And I am talking about trust, truth, your being, existence. All these are mysteries.

You can be initiated into these mysteries, but you have to travel alone with no guidebooks, because no guidebooks exist. In the very nature of things, guidebooks cannot exist, because reality goes on changing. It is like the continents: move, but very slowly, one feet in a year, so you don’t take much note of it. If somehow they start moving faster, so today where America is tomorrow Africa comes in, where ocean is tomorrow there is land, then there will be no possibility to make geography, maps, because by the time your maps are ready the world has changed.

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