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Chapter 37: Each Moment Is Insecure

The people are in a need because suddenly.they were working, growing, and the work has stopped. I am being prevented from every direction, so that I cannot work. And the therapists are immensely happy: they have suddenly become spiritual masters. They know nothing about spirituality, not even the ABC.

But there is nothing to be worried about. They can only talk about freedom, and that too will be just a repetition of what they have heard me say to you. They don’t have anything original to say, anything coming out of their own experience, so they can only talk. Let them talk - the talk is not going to change people. Soon people will feel that these therapists are just exploiting the situation.

Meanwhile, somewhere we are going to create the mystery school. Existence cannot be not compassionate towards a man who has been working simply for truth, simply for existence. My trust is absolute.

These governments and churches don’t matter at all. They may try their best, but the mystery school will be established, although it may take a little time, a little trouble. And this time things will be done in a totally different way so nobody gets this idea of “gurudom.”

History will not be repeated, because I am still here. I know all those therapists, and I know their problems. I know they are in the same boat as their clients; they are not in any way of superior consciousness. They can give consultations, they can help people to some clarity, but that is all from their knowledge. In the same situation they don’t have that clarity.

To everybody else they can show the way of clarity: it is very easy when you are not in trouble. You can simply advise anybody, “It is simple. Do it this way.” The real thing is, when you are in the same trouble, whether you have the clarity, whether you are capable of following your own advice - and those therapists are not capable of that. So there is no harm. Let them enjoy a few days of glory.

They are not even mentioning my name. That is enough proof that they know that whatever they are saying and doing is related to me, and if they mention my name they will become immediately secondary. For the first time they have got the chance to be on the top. With me, it was impossible. So I don’t see that there is any problem. It is good - let them enjoy for a few days. Their enjoyment is not going to last long. Soon they will lose the people.

Once the mystery school starts functioning nobody is going to bother about them. Even they themselves will have to come to the mystery school, and this time not as therapists, but simply as disciples. There is not going to be any therapy. Now the school will function in a totally different way.

What are the qualities of a mature person?

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