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Chapter 3: A Feeling of Coming Home

“Not at all,” replied Mrs. Cohen. “I expected it to be taken when I bought the tickets, but all my friends are at my husband’s funeral.”

“I don’t know why you married me!” cried Mrs. Cohen.

“Because,” Mr. Cohen said, “you defied the law of gravity.”

“What are you talking about?” said his wife.

“Well,” said Cohen, “you were easier to pick up than to drop!”

It is a mystery why Latifa has picked you up. Only her compassion has to be considered as a mystery. She knows perfectly well that you are a nut. You think you are a coconut, but she knows - and everybody else knows - you are only a nut! You are unnecessarily making a fuss about being a coconut - just decorating yourself, making a big name. A simple nut does not appeal.a coconut, a coconut from Goa, a Goa-returned coconut. Latifa is certainly compassionate!

As far as I am concerned and existence is concerned, we are helpless. Be grateful to Latifa; she goes through hell, but still she goes on being compassionate. She suffers badly. Whenever I look at her, I immediately know whether the coconut is here or somewhere else.

For five weeks she was just a beauty to look at, always smiling and happy and surrounded by an aura. And the moment she received your message that you are coming back.just the message was enough. You took seven days to come, but those seven days.whenever I looked at her I thought, “This is strange: Om is coming from Goa and this Latifa seems to be coming from hell itself!”

Since then, because I have talked about it, whenever I look at her she tries to smile. But a smile which is made by effort is one thing, and a smile that comes on its own is a totally different phenomenon.

Dhyan Om, you continue to be what you are. This is at least going to help Latifa to become enlightened. This is her austerity, her discipline, her sacrifice, and the whole credit goes to you. When she becomes enlightened you will be praised, because it has rarely happened this way. Women have made men enlightened - that is an old story. Men have never made a single woman enlightened. You are doing such a pioneer work. Your name will resound in the corridors of history!