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Chapter 17: The World Is Where the Work Is

But when ten thousand people have to live together, you have to make houses, you have to make roads, you have to prepare food, you have to prepare clothes; a thousand and one things are needed which go on taking all your time. Slowly, slowly you completely forget the real reason you had come. You go on getting into other things, and the original intention is completely forgotten.

This time I am working in a totally different way, so these two things can be avoided. To you, I always want to be just a holiday. To you, I always want to mean nothing but ecstasy, music, dance. It is good to be only for a few days with me and then go into the world. Take the music, take the ecstasy with you, spread it, and whenever you feel thirsty come back again.

So it will be a world school of mysticism where people will be coming and going, taking the message to all the nooks and corners of the world. I don’t want you to be in any way associated with anything.road-making, making houses, and creating a dam - all that is just damned foolery!

I simply want you to remember me as a flower, a fragrance, a flame, a light; associate me with these things. That is going to be the purpose of the new mystery school. I would like to call it “the mystery school” rather than a commune, because that name has become associated with the commune we had.

I am not in any way thinking that the disappearance of that commune has been a loss. Not at all - because the way it was functioning, it was a non-ending rut. You would have needed new roads, because new houses were to be built, then new roads would have had to be connected. You would have needed more restaurants, bigger restaurants; you would have needed more clothes.and finally, you were going to have to produce. You would have had to make factories and other productive directions - because how long can five thousand people live only on donations? Friends can support for a time being, but not forever.

So soon you would have completely forgotten that you are separate from the world. In fact you would have been in more difficulty because in the other world somebody else takes care of the roads, somebody else takes care of the post office, and somebody else takes care of other things. You have just to work five hours, six hours. In the commune you were working for twelve hours, sometimes fourteen hours; even then the work was unending.

The resources that were helping the commune were going to be soon exhausted; the commune was going to collapse. I was telling the people who were in power in the commune, “The commune will collapse, because how long can you live on other people’s support? And if you become productive - you open factories and you start making things - then why bother? All these things are being done everywhere else.”

This time, from the very beginning, only a small nucleus of people who are absolutely necessary to run the mystery school will be living with me. Everybody else will be a guest for a few days, a few weeks, a few months.as much as he can manage. His being here with me will be all relaxation, meditation, so he can be rejuvenated. Then he can go back. The whole world is there to work on.

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