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Chapter 27: Become the Mystery

So I would like to emphasize the point, Devageet, that the question from the very beginning has been formed in a wrong way. It is not the mystery of women, it is the mystery of the heart - which the head is incapable of figuring out. The heart has no problem about the head; it is a lower, more superficial layer, and the heart understands it. So when men say that women are mysteries, women simply smile amongst themselves: Look at these idiots! Have you ever heard any woman saying that women are mysteries? They know each other perfectly well. There is no mystery.

It will be better to understand in a different dimension too. Forget about man and woman; just think about your own head and your own heart. Do they have a communion? Are they capable of understanding each other? I have not met Albert Einstein, but I would have loved to meet him for the simple reason that I wanted to ask him how he fell in love with Frau Einstein. What physics, what mathematics, what science is behind the experience of falling in love?

But perhaps he never thought about it. Love is coming from the heart; it cannot come from the head. Even the greatest scientist once in a while goes astray from the head. One beautiful sunset and he is overwhelmed. He forgets that he is a scientist and he is not allowed to do such things, feminine things; he is a male mind. And every scientist falls in love with a woman without ever thinking what love is. It is a mystery.even your own heart is a mystery to you.

My own understanding is that Mahavira at first denied any women to be initiated into sannyas. The same was the case with Gautam Buddha; he denied women to be initiated into sannyas. And the same is the case with other religions; they have all put woman in a secondary place. And the reason, according to me, is that all our so-called religions are head-oriented.too much head. Their God is not their love, their God is their idea. It is a hypothesis. They have created a system - rational, logical, flawless - but it is their own mind which is creating the system. It is not a discovery. It is not unveiling the mystery of existence.

And why have all these religions been so afraid of women? There were other reasons, but the most fundamental reason is that all the founders of religions were male, and their theologies were from the head. To allow women among their fellow travelers was to create unnecessary trouble, because they speak different languages, they understand different languages. They are coming from different spaces. At the most, they can tolerate each other.

That is what is happening between every wife and every husband: they are just tolerating each other. There seems to be no possibility of a sane conversation. Any conversation between a wife and husband immediately leads to conflict, and the woman starts behaving, according to man, in such a crazy way.throwing things, breaking things. He cannot understand - what argument is this? But the woman knows perfectly well that only this argument will decide the thing - and it decides! The man simply agrees, “You are right, but just don’t destroy more things!” In every argument with a woman, the woman is the winner, although she knows nothing about argumentation.

The day he initiated the first woman into sannyas, Gautam Buddha said, “My religion was going to last for five thousand years. Now it will last only five hundred years” - not a great welcome to the poor woman!

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