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Chapter 27: Love Your Camel and Trust

There is no need to create chains, there is no need to create prisons. Love is enough. But love is not a belief, love is a reality. It is in your very heartbeat, it is your experience. It is not in the scriptures; it is not Christian and it is not Hindu, it is not Mohammedan.

Love is the blossoming of your inner being just like a rose.

That’s why I have called this gathering and the talks, The Mystic Rose. Mystic, because only stupid people think that life can be understood. The greater is your intelligence, the more you will become aware of your ignorance; the wiser you are the less you know. And the wisest is one who becomes absolutely innocent, and the whole of life, existence in its all dimensions, becomes just a mystery. A mystery to be enjoyed, loved, lived, but not to be understood. The very effort to understand existence is an insult. Love does not want to understand; love simply wants to share.

Trust simply means you don’t live out of doubt. You don’t live the life of a skeptical mind. You don’t live in suspicion, you live like an innocent child, trusting everything. Only in the atmosphere of trust and love, only in that air of mystery, your roses can blossom, your life can become a garden. And each moment, you know things go on happening for which you have never asked; still you are so shy that you don’t even express your gratitude.

You are saying, “Sometimes I feel I hide in passivity waiting for things to happen. And yet sometimes I am in awe at the way existence seems to be constantly caring for me.” The second part is the reality: existence is taking care of you in many ways, which you may not even be aware of. There is no need to be worried, because all that is needed happens.

I am not a religious person in the sense of being a blind believer - I am just the opposite. But what is true is true, and cannot be denied. My own experience I cannot deny. I have never cared about myself; I have never thought about the tomorrow and never thought about the yesterday. I have simply lived moment to moment, day by day..

Jesus is right when he says, God give us our daily bread. His God is a fiction, but the idea of asking for daily bread is perfectly right - because anybody would ask at least for three months’ provision - daily bread? And what happens tomorrow if God is engaged somewhere else? Daily bread? Daily bread is simply Jesus’ way of saying that this day is enough unto itself, don’t ask for more. Tomorrow never comes; it is always today and today is enough to enjoy, to rejoice, to love, to dance, to sing. Don’t waste it in doubting, don’t waste it in desiring, don’t waste it in longing for faraway goals.

And it is your experience too, that, “Sometimes I am in awe at the way existence seems to be constantly caring for me.”

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