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Chapter 3: On the Character of Tao

There is no need to prove yourself. You are. You are perfect. No woman is worried about proving; she takes it for granted that she is perfect. She lives in a very relaxed way. Many husbands come to me and always their complaint is that their wives are lazy. They are not lazy; they are enjoying! Whatsoever is the case, they are not in a hurry. But comparatively they look lazy.

Lao Tzu says the nature of existence is more like the female, more feminine. And the analogy is beautiful. He is not saying that existence is female - remember this. This is not logic, he is not trying to prove that existence is female. He is not for the lib movement - no. He is simply giving an analogy.

A man can also be feminine. A Buddha is feminine, a Lao Tzu is feminine, a Jesus is feminine. Then he lives, he lives in the moment, unhurried; he enjoys the moment unhurried. Jesus says to his disciples, “Look at the lilies in the field. How beautiful they are! Even Solomon in all his glory was not so beautiful.”

But what is the secret of the lilies? - they are just flowering here and now. What will happen the next moment is not a worry; the next moment has not entered into their consciousness yet.

A man can live a feminine existence - then he becomes a mystic. That is the only way. So all mystics become in a certain way feminine. And they are the real religious men, not the founders of religion.

Remember, this is a difference.. Buddha is not the founder of Buddhism - no. His disciples are the founders. Jesus is not the founder of Christianity - no. His apostles are the founders. Mahavira is not the founder of Jainism. Gautam, his disciple, who was a scholar and great pundit, was. These are the men.

Jesus himself is feminine. To show this in India we have never painted avataras, tirthankaras, buddhas, with beards and mustaches - no - just to show that they are feminine. Have you ever seen Rama with a mustache? Krishna with a beard? It is not that they were somehow lacking in hormones. They were not the third sex. They were men; beards existed. But this is just an analogy. We have dropped the beards to show that they have become feminine: the feminine mystic has come into being. They existed without any hurry, they existed not as a tense man but as a non-tense woman, and you can feel around them the feminine warmth, the roundness of a buddha.

The Spirit of the Valley never dies.
It is called the Mystic Female.
The door of the Mystic Female
Is the root of Heaven and Earth.

The door of the Mystic Female is the root of Heaven and Earth. And if you can find the key to open the door of the mystic female you have opened the door of existence. Everybody has to enter that door non-tense, balanced, satisfied, content - that’s the secret of the feminine being.