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Chapter 28: When Buddhas Rebel

And since I have come here he has not come to the ashram, he has not come to any meetings, he has not come even to see me once - and he has been related to me almost for twenty years. But that relation was the same as your relation: of the mind. Now he has become a parrot. He runs small classes where he teaches - not even mentioning my name; he teaches as if he has experienced.

Zareen asked him, “You have not come to see Osho?”

He said, “I love him very much. He is in my heart; I need not come to see him.” Can you see the cunningness of the mind? It means lovers should stop seeing each other, because what is the point? “I love you too much. You are in my heart; there is no need to see you.”

In the ashram it has become a joke - if somebody wants to avoid somebody else he says, “I love you too much. You are in my heart; we need not meet. There is no need.” This is a great way!

Anando was telling me that some sannyasin was interested in her, but she was feeling utterly disgusted by the man, so she said, “I love you too much. You are in my heart; we need not see each other.”

You are quoting a Sufi song, “I love you whether I know it or not.” It is a very mysterious statement, and only a mystic can make it - not you, Nitin; you cannot even understand the meaning of it. The Sufi mystic is saying, “I love you whether I know it or not.” He is giving expression to the idea that whether the trees know about their roots or not, those roots are their very life; without them the trees cannot exist at all. The Sufi mystic is saying about God that, “I must be loving you, otherwise why I am alive? Without your love nourishing me continuously, life is impossible.”

But he is a humble man. He says, “It does not matter whether I know it or not, but one thing is certain: love must be happening, because I am still alive. Not only I must be in love with you, you are also in love with me - whether I know it or not.”

Those who know it become enlightened. Those who don’t know it - they also are nourished by the same source as any Gautam Buddha; but you cannot say that to me.

I am not an invisible God and love is not something that comes through the back door, you sometimes know it and sometimes don’t know it. Love comes through the front door and comes like a flood. It drowns you: how you can avoid knowing it?

Love is the only thing, perhaps, which does not make any sound, does not speak, but is still heard. It does not become your knowledge, but still there is a knowing far higher than knowledge. Your love for me is because of the words I say to you. You hear in those words echoes of your own ideas, but basically your love is for your own ideas. Because I am also expressing them - perhaps you were not so clear, things were vague, my statements have made them clear - you think you owe to me your love, your trust, your openness. But these are all mind games. Be clear that you have never loved anybody except yourself.

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