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Chapter 16: Before Seeking

The Sufi mystic gave him a good round of the whole village, made the whole village aware that the mystic is ahead and the king is following, perspiring. Finally he reached to the same tree, sat there, and waited for the king to come. The king came very tired, perspiring, and the mystic gave him the bag. He took the bag, put it on his chest and said, “My God!”

The Sufi said, “Have you got some peace of mind? Had not I told you I would help you immediately?”

The king said, “Strange is your way.but it is true, I am feeling very peaceful, as I have never felt in my life. And the trouble is that this money was always with me, and I never felt so happy as I am feeling now.”

The Sufi said, “I have solved your problem. Your problem is that you have got everything. You need some distance, you need to lose it; only then will you understand what you had. And this is not only true about your money. This is more true about your life itself: because you have it, you have started taking it for granted. It is too obvious it is yours. You are not at all concerned that tomorrow it may not be yours, or even the next second.”

The day you become aware that death will destroy all opportunities for growth.Life is a great opportunity to grow, but rather than growing you have been simply accumulating junk which will all be taken away. People only grow old, but growing old is not growing up.

Very few people grow up.

Growing old is a natural thing; every animal does it, there is nothing special about it. It is horizontal. Growing up is vertical. Only very few people grow up; and meditation is the only path that moves vertically. Mind moves horizontally.

Ta Hui is making a few very important statements.

The first thing, the first sutra:

You’ve indicated you want me to instruct you by letter in the direct essentials. This very thought of seeking instruction in the direct essentials has already stuck your head into a bowl of glue.

It seems he is getting free from his own intellectual jargon. He is becoming aware of something more than the mind. He is condemning the very idea of getting instruction through somebody else, and that too through a letter, through words, through language. First from somebody else, second through language.

Though I shouldn’t add another layer of frost to the snow.

Because whatever I say will become more knowledge to you, it will simply strengthen the power of your mind. What is needed is to weaken the power of the mind so that you can go beyond it without being hindered by it.

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