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Chapter 29: Mysticism: the Forgotten Language

How did you manage to find me?

Existence is always a mystery. People fall in love; they cannot answer why, how they have found each other. And when they fall in love there is an absolute feeling that they are made for each other - but how did they manage to find each other in such a big world?

Somebody is a born poet, somebody is a born painter. They cannot explain how they became poets, how they became painters, how they managed so that poetic visions happened to them. It simply happens; there is no “how” to it.

But our mind is a machine, it is not a mystery. The mind always wants to know the how, the why. And because of this persistent inquiry about how and why, it goes on missing all that is beyond the boundaries of machines. Life is beyond the boundaries of machines.

Why are you alive? Do you have any answer? Why in the first place are you born? How did you manage to be born? You have to simply accept the mystery of all that is alive - either consciously or unconsciously.

Unconsciously you have been accepting many things: your birth, your life, your love, your death, the roses, the stars, the ocean, the rivers, the sun, the moon - but you have been accepting them unconsciously. If you accept them consciously, you become a mystic. Then it is not a question that you are ignorant and that’s why you don’t know. It is not ignorance, it is the very unknowability of existence.

I don’t know how I have found you. Neither is there any need.it is enough that I have found you.

Just remember not to get lost.

What is the purpose and task of the new University of Mysticism?

Mysticism is one of the forgotten languages. It has to be revived, because in forgetting the language of the mystics life has lost all color, all joy, all music.

Turgenev has a beautiful story:

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