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Chapter 9: Skies beyond Skies

Scientists say that this earth was separated from the sun about four million years ago. There are stars which will never know that this earth ever existed, because the day this earth was born, their light started coming towards it, but has not yet arrived, even at that tremendous speed. And scientists reckon the earth may go out of existence before these light rays reach here. Just in between two light rays your whole earth life begins, comes to a peak and ends.

These stars have infinite space available - that is the sky. And now it is absolutely certain that there is no limit. These stars can go on forever, as far as they want. We are citizens of an unlimited universe.

Just as there is this vastness outside.existence is always in balance. That means the same tremendous expanse is within you - because the within and without should be in balance. The within will be exactly as vast, as infinite, as the without.

Physicists are the mystics of matter and the mystics are the physicists of consciousness. In this small statement of sachchidanand, the mystics are saying that a whole infinite universe within you becomes available simultaneously in an explosion of consciousness. The explosion of consciousness only brings light. Everything is there already - has been there forever - waiting for you to be awake.

There is no sequence in the way we understand sequence. But there is a certain secret to be understood: without consciousness coming to its peak, you will not become aware either of truth or of bliss. But once you have become aware, you know they are all one.

This is a far more meaningful, significant trinity than the Christian one. Their trinity seems to be fictitious: God, the son, the holy ghost - it is good for children’s books, because they cannot understand sachchidanand. They say they can understand the holy ghost, they can understand the father, they can understand the son. But that is a very stupid fiction. With no rationale, with no evidence, Christianity goes on claiming it. Its whole structure depends on it.

The mystics’ trinity seems to be based far more on experience, on truth. It is not a fiction. And it is available to you without any prayer, without any holy scripture. Just you are enough, because you contain that infinity. All that is needed is to look inwards. Allow your consciousness to grow so that it fills you with light and dispels all darkness, and you will find the most precious treasure within yourself.

In the experience, there will not be any division between truth, consciousness and bliss. It will come all at once, showering on you. But the moment you bring that experience into language, you have to make one into three - so as not to be unfair to the tremendous experience that has happened. No single word can say anything about it. It will be a very partial statement, and any partial truth is more dangerous than a lie. At least the lie can be detected: the partial truth is very dangerous, because it may not be detected. It gives you the feeling that it is true.

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